Saturday, July 31, 2010


Around 7 pm on a Saturday night.

I am blogging again. I am proud of myself. I wanted to do this last week, but as I was writing (I was also rendering a project in Reaper (I know you're not supposed to do other things while doing that, but I was being impatient)) my computer randomly turned off. It actually gave me a bit of a scare, but I'm used to computer problems.

Also last week, I (in my mom's car) parked at Burkes Beach. A mean person threw this into my window :

Once inside, they took Amanda's bag with her ipod, phone, money, debit card, and other things in it. I felt bad. It's also costing me about 500$ for the damage. Also, no more car. I guess it was my fault someone broke the window, right?

Other than that, things have been quite boring. I've been refining my ear for recording. It's fun to wade through all these bad sounds and tones and finally find the one you are looking for. Like most things, a good sound takes practice. Practice, and help you find on forums. Unlike most damned forums (or most damned everything) on the internet, recording engineering and sound production forums are sincere and valuable.

I've been demoing new ideas on this:

I found it at a thrift store last summer for $12. Surely a nice find. I've been using an old stereo microphone my (living) grandfather gave me. I'm recording on old tapes taken from my (deceased) grandfather's house. It's very nice and simple. I like the sound.

With that said, I have two new compositions for your ears:

Untitled D - Instrumental. I had a small version of this up last week of just the main idea. I developed it into a full piece. I like where it went.
Untitled D by ileee

"Slowly" - Idea/Song. I took the words from a entry I wrote in a notebook from last year. I kind of just improvised a chord structure and melody, which is why it seems a little weak. This was also done at about 3:30 in the morning. My voice is quite tired and shaky. This was done on tape. After, I ran it through Alice (my amp), eq'd the low end out as to try to isolate the vocals, and added some spring reverb to it. This went to another tape. I then mixed the two tapes through my soundboard on to a new tape. I wanted to keep this all analog as a first. It's a tedious process, but I feel good about it.
"Slowly" by ileee

That's about it. The new Colour Revolt is pretty ace. Go get it.

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